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Massage room

Swedish massage: 
Swedish massage is the most well-known style of massage therapy designed  to help relax the body and mind. It’s a body massage with lotion or oil applied to specific tissues while a person lies comfortably on a warm massage table. The massage therapist works with different muscle groups as indicated during the therapeutic interview process. Research indicates that a Swedish massage also helps circulation, relieves mental stress, and reduces muscle pain and tension.

Deep tissue: 
The massage is specific for releasing tense and painful muscle knots, often associated with physical discomfort, stress, and headaches.
The technique involves added pressure and targets specific tissues for relief of symptoms while working through the muscles.

Sports massage: 
Beneficial for all athletes and weekend warriors to assist in athletic training and preparing and recovery from sporting events. This type of massage is focused on preparing muscles for intense training through massage and stretching. Additionally, sports massage is used to help the muscles recover after intense performance or injury.

Cupping treatment is used to treat pain & tightness, ease deep scar tissue & adhesions within muscles and connective tissues, and reduce swelling and stagnation in the body. 
Cupping allows for a gentle suction that draws the skin up into the cup separating the layers of skin, muscle and fascia. This releases adhesions and chronic scar tissue that can cause pain and tension.  It improves circulation and lymphatic flow.
To add cupping to your next massage treatment, please speak with Angie, Allegra or Kelly to review your medical history and determine that cupping is appropriate to receive. At Adirondack Therapeutics our massage therapists use silicone and glass cups.  Add cupping to your next session.

Upcoming offerings for at-home care
Cupping can also be done at home! We are pleased to sell Cupping Canada Inc. silicone cupping kits to purchase. Ask how you can start incorporating cupping as part of your at-home care routine.

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