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Meet The Therapists

Kelly Hass

Kelly Hass: LMT

Kelly's 28 years of advanced bodywork training and teaching inform her touch and create a safe space for total relaxation and lasting benefits through all stages of life. She provides a caring environment to meet your individual needs, including relief from pain, increased vitality, structural alignment, and rehabilitation from specific injuries. Kelly is a graduate of the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy, and has been an adjunct instructor of Massage Therapy at North Country Community College since 1999. Kelly  is a US Army Veteran, certified as a 
NYS Disabled Veteran Owned Business. 

Contact: 518-569-1399

Angie Cook

Angie Cook: LMT

Angie Cook, LMT & Certified Holistic Nutritionist, partners with the Department of Veteran Affairs specializing in helping Veterans and our community to manage their chronic pain.

Contact: 518-524-5472

Allegra Frerria, LMT

Allegra Frerria: LMT

As a massage therapist, I strive to continually improve my skills to be a better companion for each client. I am committed to listening attentively and providing support tailored to their diverse needs. Every day, I work towards deepening my understanding and offering comprehensive care. I find the field of massage therapy fascinating and fulfilling, as I witness the remarkable ability of the body to heal itself. By integrating various massage techniques and remaining attentive to my clients' needs, I aim to deliver the utmost care and assistance. 

Contact: 716-544-5766

Melissa Warburton

Melissa Warburton: LMT

I have had the pleasure of working as a NY licensed massage therapist for the past 20 years. During my extraordinary career, I've found the most reward in the true connection with each and everyone of my clients, while helping them heal through the power of touch.

Contact: 518-637-1419

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